Born in the Black Forest and after graduating from Münster School of Design (Master's thesis) I am now working as an freelance Illustrator, Designer and Comic Artist in Cologne, Germany. Besides that I teach how to create comics and how to draw in workshops and as a lecturer at Münster School of Design.
I am looking forward hearing from you and your upcoming projects. Let's do it.
Have a nice day.
Markus Rockstroh

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SWR, Motel One, Das Magazin, SAP, ESA, Golf Club St. Leon-Rot, Fileee, Copernicus, Toom, EFL u.a.


About my Graphic Novel Eine Hand voller Sterne (German Edition)

Luckily Schami let the illustrator do his thing. He created simple, yet captivating images that drag you into the story so that you think you can literally smell.

Zum Glück hat Schami [...] den Illustrator machen lassen. Denn entstanden sind nun schlichte, aber zugleich fesselnde Bilder, die einen so in die Geschichte hineinziehen, dass man sie förmlich zu riechen meint.

  • Die Zeit, 02.05.2018


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